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Salmon Power Sports was founded by Steve Salmon in 1987, as an engineering workshop specialising in custom machining and fabrication for the offshore racing fraternity.


“Inside the box thinking” was how our founder Steve Salmon described his approach to problem-solving. Steve was an old-school engineer, and whilst everyone else was busy looking for ideas “outside of the box”, he proposed that there was little benefit in solving one problem only to create three more. Instead, he found the sweet spot between conventional wisdom and creative solutions. The result is a design philosophy that remains the core of our approach today; take a simple idea, and engineer the s*** out of it. 


Steve was once a passenger on a boat that crashed at high speed, leaving him with a fractured collarbone, a concussion, and memory-loss. Being the engineer that he was, when he recovered Steve invented a ballast system for maintaining stability at speed. This deceptively simple solution soon became ubiquitous amongst offshore racers, and propelled the company into what it is today; the world’s foremost experts on dynamic ballast systems.

Steve Salmon Power Sports
Joseph Salmon Power Sports


Steve continued to machine all of our components himself until his passing in 2014, and the torch was passed to his son Joe Salmon, who runs the business today. This passion for boats continues a family tradition that goes back generations to Steve's great-great-Grandfather and beyond. Every single generation of the Salmon family has produced a sailor, rigger, marine engineer, or other maritime profession. As Steve's own father, also a Joe Salmon, phrased it when he was representing the RNLI on Blue Peter- it's in our blood.

This personal heritage continues to drive our passion for what we do. We take great pride not just in the quality of our work, but also the the depth of the long-term relationships that we form with our customers.


Every system that we make has the Salmon family name on it, which is why every component has to be made to a quality that Steve himself would be proud of.