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"When designing and rigging performance boats, you need the best of kit - kit that you know works and you can rely on - as such, Salmon Power Sports are top of my list, and we are pleased to have used their products for many years."

Adam Younger

Adam Younger Design


The system operates using a waterscoop, fitted at the base of the transom, which draws water into a bow tank for ballast. The water is held there as long as necessary to control the trim of the boat, and then ejected when no longer required.


The system is easy to operate and maintain, with no electronics to potentially malfunction.

The waterscoop is precision machined from solid cast 316 stainless steel, prolonging product life and minimising corrosion. Our bow tanks are custom manufactured to the requirements of each vessel.


Our intuitively operated helm control lever utilises a secure spring detent system, for optimal safety during use. The minimalist aesthetic of our control unit allows it to integrate seamlessly into any console.


Dynamic Ballast Control System Diagram
Ballast System Graph


This study, showing the performance of an RNLI Atlantic 85 during sea trials, demonstrates how using a Salmon Power Sports dynamic ballast system can reduce the average motion of a vessel by half. The most significant motion has also been reduced by approximately two-thirds, representing a serious improvement to the stability and performance of the vessel.

What makes our system so effective is that it tackles the cause, rather than just the effects of impact and vibration. It complements the use of suspension seats by reducing overall impact, therefore reducing the risk of the seat bottoming-out during slamming events.

As well as protecting passengers and crew, the reduction in impact and vibration exposure also greatly reduces the risk of damage to a vessel's cargo and vital systems.

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