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When out on patrol or undertaking a mission, comfort is unlikely to be at the top of an operators priority list. However, we like to think of it as an added bonus for using our system.


What we actually offer is stability; it's up to you what you do with it. Stabilise your weapons platform to increase accuracy whilst intercepting at speed, or reduce risk of damage to craft and crew whilst exfiltrating in rough seas.

The weight of the system when not in use is almost negligible, especially in comparison to gyroscopic stabilisation systems, and it renders fixed ballast redundant. This saved weight can be reallocated towards the inclusion of additional cargo or personnel.


The reduction in fixed weight improves fuel efficiency, thereby increasing the operational radius of the vessel. Traditionally, with fuel acting as a form of ballast in itself, stability is lost as the fuel tank empties through use. However, using our system the Helmsman can compensate for the consumption of fuel with the intake of ballast.

From large-scale defence departments to smaller security teams, budgetary constraints are a daily reality of the modern world. In this context, a system which improves performance and efficiency for a fraction of the cost of a gyroscopic stability system is a no-brainer.