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Wavebreaker Defender ballast systems Sidmouth Lifeboat RIB
Wavebreaker Defender ballast systems boat


 The DEFENDER is proven to reduce impact by up to 70%, protecting passengers and crew from injury, and keeping everyone onboard at the top of their game when every second counts. It gives craft the power to take waves head-on, as well as providing increased speed and stability in all conditions. Designed for professional crews, the DEFENDER series keeps everyone onboard safe, comfortable, and effective.


Icelandic Search and Rescue

Rescue volunteer crewman.

Having this system is a game-changer, our crew has so much more confidence going on call with it. We once had to go out without the system in service, and it was like losing a crew member.

Wavebreaker defender military navy RIB boat boarding ballast system stability


Study after study reinforces what crews already know; long hours spent out in rough seas can hurt, and is detrimental to the performance of those onboard. 


Whether scanning the water for casualties, interception and boarding operations, or performing essential maintenance, protecting crews from impact isn't just a matter of safety; it's about keeping them able to do the job in front of them. 


Whether racing to rescue a casualty in the water or intercepting a target, speed is often an essential factor for professional operations. That's why the DEFENDER is trusted by so many SAR organisations, helping them to operate at high speeds in conditions where most would have to turn back.

Even if it's not a life-or-death situation, we can help you get the job done quickly and head home as soon as possible.

Wavebreaker Defender RNLI Lifeboat RIB ballast system stability

Having a ballast system is vital when heading into a rough sea and head wind- it provides a more capable lifeboat, giving a safer, more comfortable ride for the crew and survivors at higher speeds in heavy weather.


Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat

Rescue volunteer crewman.

Wavebreaker Defender ballast systems military boat navy RIB


Many professional vessels can be subject to an ever-changing payload, whether that's passengers or cargo. Giving the helm control over LCG allows them to compensate as necessary for fluctuations in weight, providing extra versatility.

This enables passenger craft to maintain full stability even when running light, without needing to shift passengers to the bow where the impacts would normally be the most severe.


Protecting against impact reduces risk of damaging the craft or it's cargo, extending the operational life of the vessel and reducing maintenance and component replacement requirements. Running with optimised trim lowers fuel consumption, lowering daily running costs.


Keeping crews comfortable and safe also  means fewer abortive trips in rough seas, as well as protecting operators from litigation due to workplace injury. 

Wavebreaker Defender ballast systems military navy RIB boat


Lifeboat Operations Manager

Rescue volunteer crewman.

It's a great system, which has prevented many a capsize over the years. It provides a level of confidence in the boat which enables it to be used in more extreme conditions, resulting in more lives saved and crew kept safe.

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