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No task is made easier by having to perform it on a rocking boat, especially if you're already battered and bruised by the journey there. When you've got a job to do, the ocean is rarely obliging in providing calm seas. Every day crews around the world venture onto the water to perform tasks which can be hazardous at the best of times, often compounded by rough sea states.

These are tough jobs for a tough crew, who deserve equally tough gear that can be relied upon to help get the job done. Our ballast control system is designed to require only simple maintenance that can be easily incorporated into an existing maintenance schedule, thereby minimising down-time. The entire system uses only premium marine-grade materials, to reduce corrosion and prolong the lifetime of each component.


Not only does our system enable your teams to increase man-hours on the water, but also to improve performance within those times. By damping the impacts and vibrations to which the crew are exposed, they can continue operations for longer without the risk of exceeding the Exposure Limit Value.

A daily reality any business operating at sea is that profit margins are at the mercy of weather conditions and sea states.​ As our system immediately improves performance and efficiency, at a fraction of the cost of a gyroscopic stabilisation system, users can rapidly begin to see a return on their investment.