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Salmon Power Sports was founded in 1987 by Steve Salmon, from his garage workshop in Poole, Dorset. 

Steve was an old school engineer, with a passion for boats that had been passed down through generations of sailors in the family. Going as far back as Steve's great-great-Grandfather sailing the world on a tall ship, every single generation of the Salmon family has produced a sailor or marine engineer. As Steve's father Joe Salmon put it, when he was representing the RNLI on Blue Peter- "it's in our blood".


Although the company started life as a machine shop, Steve's knack for innovative solutions led to him developing several of his own products. As he himself put it- whilst everyone else was looking for ideas outside of the box, he would jump back in the box and close the lid behind him.

This approach, which could fairly be described as "unorthodox", bore fruit in the deceptive simplicity of his designs. Although straightforward and easy to use, the system that he designed channels complex hydrodynamic principles in it's operation.


Steve's design for our ballast control system was borne of his time in the offshore racing fraternity. Poole, which remains our home to this day, is the second largest natural harbour in the world, and is a haven for powerboat and luxury yacht enthusiasts.

Steve was well aware of the necessity of stability at speed- he was once a passenger on board a race boat which flipped, leaving him hospitalised with concussion, memory loss, and a broken collarbone. 

The company has since expanded into new markets, but this racing pedigree remains at the core of our ethos; our goal is to help you to maximise performance across the board.


Over the years, the Salmon Power Sports name became a byword for quality amongst racers. Steve machined all of our products himself until his passing in 2014, and the torch was passed to his son Joe Salmon, who runs the business today.

It is this personal heritage that continues to drive our passion for what we do. We take great pride not just in the quality of our products, but also in the depth of the long-term relationships with our customers.

Every product that goes out the door has our name on it, which is why every single piece has to be one that Steve himself would be proud of.

Quality comes first, because for us, it's personal.