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Photo: Kyle Baker Photography


Our system is already hard at work helping to save lives around the clock, from the North Sea to the eastern Mediterranean. We are immensely proud to work closely with both independent and national lifeboat agencies, with our system in active use by over 150 lifeboats across 100 stations around the UK.

Rescuers who are racing to save lives in the most treacherous of conditions require suitably tough hardware. That's why so many use our system to help get them there in time when it really matters.


It is a testament to the affordability of our system that so many of our users are charitable organisations, who often operate within tight budgetary constraints.

"Having a fillable bow tank is vital when heading into a rough sea and head wind, to keep the bow of the boat in connection with the sea surface, whilst maintaining speed when responding to a call out.

It provides a more capable lifeboat, giving a safer, more comfortable ride for the crew and survivors at higher speeds in heavy weather."

-Guy Bennet

Senior Coxswain

Sidmouth Lifeboat Station