Whether you're looking for speed or comfort, our ballast systems are a simple and reliable way to get the most out of your boat. 


We know what you're thinking- adding extra weight to your boat doesn't sound like a great way to make you faster. But our systems are proven to increase speed, especially in rough conditions. 


Whilst many of our professional customers operate at speeds of up to 40 knots, we have seen boats using our system to exceed a speed of 120 knots. Some customers have even used it to counterbalance bigger engines at the stern, for an even bigger speed boost!

Top-tier offshore powerboat racers have used our system for years, including eight-time world champion Steve Curtis. 


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Speed is king, and a ballast system can allow higher speeds in rough waters. Fill the tank in head seas and there is a noticeable reduction in pitching, which allows higher speeds. In following seas, the tank is emptied, restoring buoyancy to reduce the chance of submerging the bow.

Dag Pike
International Boat Industry Magazine

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Some days it's not all about speed- you just want to be able to enjoy a day on the water without the discomfort of constant pitching.

Although we may specialise in reducing impact, our system is also an incredibly simple and effective means of general trim control.

Lowering your bow with dynamic ballast gets you on the plane faster, and helps you get the most out of your engines by not having to use them for trim. It gives you a smoother, more comfortable, and ultimately more enjoyable experience onboard your boat when travelling at speed.