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Established in 1987 by Steve Salmon, Salmon Power Sports specialises in providing stability solutions for RIB and high-speed craft, through the use of our unique ballast system. It combines quality British engineering with a thirty-year racing pedigree, to deliver seriously enhanced performance. But don't just take our word for it; see the video below of eight-time offshore racing World Champion Steve Curtis explaining the benefits of our system to Jeremy Clarkson:


The story of Salmon Power Sports began in 1987, when Steve Salmon started his own sub-contract engineering company. A skilled and old-school engineer, Steve soon began to find his talents in high demand, especially amongst the local offshore racing community. From our workshop in Poole, Salmon Power Sports was lucky to be based at the heart of the UK offshore racing scene. Poole is the second largest natural harbour in the world, and remains a haven for powerboat and luxury yacht enthusiasts.

Steve knew the dangers inherent to travelling at speed on the water; he was once a passenger in a speedboat during a crash, leaving him with a concussion, memory loss, and a broken collarbone. One of the other passengers remarked afterwards that it had actually been the most successful fishing trip of his life, having come to shore carrying a Salmon weighing 250lbs.

Although the company has since expanded into other markets, our racing heritage remains at the core of everything we do.

TRASER WATCHES (1998) Powerboat
Steve Salmon Workshop


As the business grew, Steve’s knack for innovative solutions led to him developing his own products, primarily for offshore racers. As he himself put it – whilst everyone else was busy looking for ideas outside of the box, he would jump back in the box and close the lid behind him. This approach, which could fairly be described as “unorthodox”, bore fruit in the deceptive simplicity of his designs. Identifying the need for greater stability at speed when racing, the first iteration of our dynamic ballast control system was born.

That first dynamic ballast control system proved immensely popular, and soon became ubiquitous amongst racers, before gaining the attention of the RNLI. Steve worked closely with the RNLI, reconfiguring the system to match the specific requirements of a Search-and-Rescue craft. This upgraded system went on to be integral to the design and operation of the RNLI Atlantic 75 & 85 boats, and continues to be the basis for our system on all other vessels today.



Steve continued to machine all of our components himself until his passing in 2014, and the torch was passed to his son Joe Salmon, who runs the business today. This passion for boats continues a family tradition that goes back generations, to Steve’s great-great-Grandfather and beyond. Every single generation of the Salmon family has produced a sailor, rigger, marine engineer, or other maritime profession. As Steve’s father, also a Joe Salmon, put it when he was representing the RNLI on Blue Peter- “it’s in our blood”.

This personal heritage continues to drive our passion for what we do. We take great pride not just in the quality of our work, but also in the depth of the long-term relationships that we form with our customers.

Every system that goes out the door has our family name on it, which is why every single piece has to be one that Steve himself would be proud of.

Joe Salmon SARA Launch
Waterscoop Castings


We take great pride in supporting British industry, and in being able to offer our customers truly quality British craftsmanship. Every step of the manufacture process takes place either in-house or within only a short radius of our workshop. This includes casting, machining, welding, anodising and powder-coating, right down to the final polish.


By working with a carefully selected team of local suppliers and subcontractors, not only are we supporting local businesses, but also ensuring that we have full quality control over the entire process.

Salmon Power Sports is a proud member and supporter of both British Marine and Made in Britain, organisations aimed at supporting the growth of British industry.


Proudly based in Poole, Dorset, UK.

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