Salmon Power Sports ballast system waterscoop


The AVB system was designed with simplicity in mind; it had to be as effective and reliable as the crews that depend on it.


The Anti-shock Variable Ballast system is designed to be simple, robust, reliable, and most importantly- effective. It is entirely mechanical, meaning that there is zero power draw and no potential for electronic malfunction.


When combined with the incredibly low maintenance requirement, this means that there are effectively no running costs associated with the system. The only exterior element necessary for the operation the AVB system is seawater, which (at the risk of stating the obvious) is completely free. 

The AVB system is an incredibly versatile tool, which offers an array of benefits depending on how it is used. It can be used to reduce heavy slamming, or to make subtle adjustments to LCG for dynamic trim control. 

RNLI Atlantic 85 RIB B-874 with ballast system

"The RNLI have been using the Salmon Power Sports AVB system for over 15 years. Operating at 30kts, the system will fill a 250L bow tank in 20 seconds; this then allows the helmsman to alter the trim of the boat according to sea conditions."

Technical Support Manager
RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Centre

Salmon Power SPorts ballast system diagram


We understand that in order for a system to be effective, it needs to be easy to use, rather than a distraction.


Step 1. The helm puts the control lever into the FILL position, engaging the waterscoop.

Step 2. The forward motion of the craft draws seawater through the waterscoop and into the bow tank.

Step 3. The helm puts the control lever into the HOLD position, retaining ballast in the tank.


Step 4. When the ballast is no longer required, the helm puts the control lever into the DRAIN position, with the water then draining back through the waterscoop. 


“When designing and rigging performance boats, you need the best of kit – kit you know works and you can rely on. As such, Salmon Power Sports are top of my list, and we are pleased to have used their system for many years.”

Adam Younger Design

The entire AVB system is semi-bespoke, meaning that several elements are designed to fit the requirements of the specific craft. Control levers can be adapted to fit existing console design, and different models of waterscoop can be selected depending on requirements. All tanks are custom made to fit the available hull space and to provide the optimum amount of ballast, and can be manufactured from an array of materials or even integrated directly into the hull structure.


Working with a close-knit team of trusted local suppliers, we have worked hard to maintain the high standards of quality and care for which our products are known, and to continue to operate in the spirit of innovative British engineering.