"The RNLI have been using the Salmon Power Sports ballast system for over 15 years. It was first fitted to the Atlantic 75, and is still fitted to the current Atlantic 85. The remote control lever allows quick and easy operation of the waterscoop. Operating at 30kts the system will fill a 250Ltr bow tank in 20 seconds; this then allows the Helmsman to alter the trim of the boat according to the sea conditions."

Technical Support Manager

RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Centre

"The Atlantic class needs to operate at high speed in bad weather, and in order to do so safely and minimise the risk of capsizing, the lifeboat is fitted with a ballast system. When full, the ballast system keeps the bow of the lifeboat down and helps us to punch through the waves, rather than allowing the bow to rise and be caught by wind or waves."

Training Co-ordinator

RNLI Station Dart

LI42354Appledore Atlantic 85 i.jpg
MOBIL 1 (1999) Adam Younger offshore pow

Adam Younger

"When designing and rigging performance boats, you need the best of kit - kit that you know works and you can rely on - as such, Salmon Power Sports are top of my list, and we are pleased to have used their products for many years."

Adam Younger

Adam Younger Design

Dag Pike

"The powerboat racing fraternity know that speed is king, and a bow ballast tank can allow higher speeds in rough waters. Fill the ballast tank in head seas and there is a noticeable reduction in pitching, which allows higher speeds. In following seas the tank is emptied restoring buoyancy to the bow to reduce the chance of submerging the bow."​

Dag Pike

International Boat Industry Magazine

Sidmouth Lifeboat

"Having a fillable bow tank is vital when heading into a rough sea and head wind, to keep the bow of the boat in connection with the sea surface, whilst maintaining speed when responding to a call out. It provides a more capable lifeboat, giving a safer, more comfortable ride for the crew and survivors at higher speeds in heavy weather."

Senior Coxswain

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat Station

Solent Rescue

"Our RIB ballast system (Arctic 24) works flawlessly to provide a stable boat in rough seas, improved boat handling, reduced crew fatigue, and increased comfort."

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat Station

Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat