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The intuitive operation and simplistic function of the WAVEBREAKER obscure the complex hydrodynamic principles at work beneath the surface. Using only the forward motion of the craft to draw seawater into a ballast tank, the system operates purely mechanically. This means no power draw, no complex wiring, and minimal maintenance.


For a system to be effective, it needs to be easy to use rather than a distraction, and we have designed our WAVEBREAKER system controls accordingly. Once the boat is travelling at a speed of approximately 15 knots or higher, the required forces come into play. 


Engaging the control lever actuates the Waterscoop mounted to the base of the transom, which draws seawater into the ballast tank at the bow. Once the ballast is no longer required, it can be drained back out of the Waterscoop.

Wavebreaker ballast system RIB boat stability impact


Editor, Ship & Boat International

Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) 

The relative simplicity of [the WAVEBREAKER] system could therefore prove a fix for boat users keen to boost their levels of WBV protection without radically compromising on craft design, choice of hull material or the ability to complete high-speed, high-risk missions in the worst the elements can throw at them.

Wavebreaker ballast system RIB boat trials chart data


Independent testing performed by a research team at the University of Southampton, in cooperation with the RNLI, demonstrated the effectiveness of the WAVEBREAKER Defender on a 7.5m SAR RHIB. Testing showed that mean levels of vertical bow acceleration were reduced by 50%, whilst peak levels were reduced by approximately 70%.

This is significant as it is these larger impacts which are by far the most injurious to crews, and reducing them so effectively is what makes the WAVEBREAKER unique.

The RNLI have been using the Salmon Power Sports ballast system for over 20 years... it allows the helmsman to alter the trim of the boat according to sea conditions.


Inshore Lifeboat Centre

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)


The Waterscoop is manufactured from cast marine-grade stainless steel, precision machined for a reliably solid construction.

The WAVEBREAKER control lever utilises a strong spring lock retention system, ensuring that the system can be used with confidence when operating in rough seas. It can be either side or top mounted to the console, with bespoke customisation options available to meet aesthetic requirements. Every boat is different, so we work closely with shipyards and naval architects to optimise system integration.

Wavebreaker ballast system RIB boat waterscoop
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